Gaslight Foods

Taylor Fuzzy Farm is owned and cared for by Farmer Ben Taylor, his wife Amy, and their four children.

The farm was born from Ben and Amy's desire to give their children a space to enjoy the great outdoors while living at a slower pace.
A landscape with a few rummaging chickens quickly grew to a farm yard filled with a goat herd, wallowing pigs, miniature horses and donkeys, rabbits, and a cow. All the Taylor clan has a love for anything fuzzy (hence the name!).
Farmer Ben and Amy love that they have been able to teach the Taylor kids to care for and respect the lives that provide food.
Whether growing a garden or raising animals, the Taylor crew always seeks to apply holistic, organic approaches to whatever task is in front of them. They have a strong belief that God's design is best, and seek to care for His creation in a way that is pleasing to Him.

So, where's the marketing?

Nice, colorful, familiar looking packaging seems to create a better feeling in people for dollars well spent rather than the quality of the actual product. That effect is called marketing.

The folks behind this effort called Gaslight Foods are, by and large, farmers and gardeners who spend their time and energy growing the best possible foods and products letting the quality speak for itself.

We're not marketing experts. We are families, farmers, producers, and growers of all sorts. We appreciate each customer we meet at the farm or the farmer's market knowing we provide something special to you.

We say thank you for supporting the local farm. Thank you again for being here and sharing with us what the earth can produce.

You can buy cheaper some place else but we bring you the best like nowhere else. We work to deliver to your table nutrient dense foods that are good for you, rich in flavor, and at a reasonable price.